Election Result Table for LGE2021 — Mtubatuba

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{{Election results
|firstround=Ward |secondround=List
|party1=[[Inkatha Freedom Party]] |votes1=23138 |votes1_2=25053 |seats1=15 |seats1_2=4 |totseats1=19
|party2=[[African National Congress]] |votes2=19903 |votes2_2=20949 |seats2=7 |seats2_2=9 |totseats2=16
|party3=[[Economic Freedom Fighters]] |votes3=5148 |votes3_2=5146 |seats3=0 |seats3_2=4 |totseats3=4
|party4=[[Independent candidates]] |votes4=3202 |votes4_2= |seats4=1 |seats4_2= |totseats4=1
|party5=[[African Christian Democratic Party]] |votes5=1192 |votes5_2=1263 |seats5=0 |seats5_2=1 |totseats5=1
|party6=[[Democratic Alliance (South Africa)|Democratic Alliance]] |votes6=1065 |votes6_2=1119 |seats6=0 |seats6_2=1 |totseats6=1
|party7=[[African Independent Congress]] |votes7=656 |votes7_2=588 |seats7=0 |seats7_2=1 |totseats7=1
|party8=[[United Democratic Movement]] |votes8=533 |votes8_2=531 |seats8=0 |seats8_2=1 |totseats8=1
|party9=[[National Freedom Party]] |votes9=493 |votes9_2=494 |seats9=0 |seats9_2=1 |totseats9=1
|party10=[[United Christian Democratic Party]] |votes10=502 |votes10_2=457 |seats10=0 |seats10_2=0 |totseats10=0
|party11=[[African People's Movement]] |votes11=281 |votes11_2=325 |seats11=0 |seats11_2=0 |totseats11=0
|party12=[[African People's Convention]] |votes12=164 |votes12_2=227 |seats12=0 |seats12_2=0 |totseats12=0
|party13=[[Abantu Batho Congress]] |votes13=186 |votes13_2=159 |seats13=0 |seats13_2=0 |totseats13=0
|party14=[[Al Jama-ah]] |votes14=99 |votes14_2=95 |seats14=0 |seats14_2=0 |totseats14=0
|party15=[[Democratic Union Plus]] |votes15=111 |votes15_2=81 |seats15=0 |seats15_2=0 |totseats15=0
|party16=[[African Transformation Movement]] |votes16=89 |votes16_2=102 |seats16=0 |seats16_2=0 |totseats16=0
|party17=[[Black First Land First]] |votes17=34 |votes17_2=50 |seats17=0 |seats17_2=0 |totseats17=0
|party18=[[National People's Front (South Africa)|National People's Front]] |votes18=19 |votes18_2=60 |seats18=0 |seats18_2=0 |totseats18=0
|party19=[[Patriotic Alliance (South Africa)|Patriotic Alliance]] |votes19=10 |votes19_2=37 |seats19=0 |seats19_2=0 |totseats19=0
|invalid=1118 |invalid2=1133
|electorate=101008 |electorate2=101008

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