Election Result Table for LGE2011 — City of Cape Town

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{{Election results
|firstround=Ward |secondround=List
|party1=[[Democratic Alliance (South Africa)|Democratic Alliance]] |votes1=675020 |votes1_2=682929 |seats1=78 |seats1_2=57 |totseats1=135
|party2=[[African National Congress]] |votes2=360827 |votes2_2=370420 |seats2=33 |seats2_2=40 |totseats2=73
|party3=[[African Christian Democratic Party]] |votes3=15227 |votes3_2=11873 |seats3=0 |seats3_2=3 |totseats3=3
|party4=[[Congress of the People (South African political party)|Congress of the People]] |votes4=12059 |votes4_2=12596 |seats4=0 |seats4_2=3 |totseats4=3
|party5=[[National Party South Africa]] |votes5=5718 |votes5_2=6038 |seats5=0 |seats5_2=1 |totseats5=1
|party6=[[United Democratic Movement]] |votes6=4402 |votes6_2=4290 |seats6=0 |seats6_2=1 |totseats6=1
|party7=[[Al Jama-ah]] |votes7=4310 |votes7_2=3928 |seats7=0 |seats7_2=1 |totseats7=1
|party8=[[Africa Muslim Party]] |votes8=4430 |votes8_2=3157 |seats8=0 |seats8_2=1 |totseats8=1
|party9=[[Cape Muslim Congress]] |votes9=3658 |votes9_2=2740 |seats9=0 |seats9_2=1 |totseats9=1
|party10=[[Independent candidates]] |votes10=5893 |votes10_2= |seats10=0 |seats10_2= |totseats10=0
|party11=[[Pan Africanist Congress of Azania]] |votes11=2606 |votes11_2=1993 |seats11=0 |seats11_2=1 |totseats11=1
|party12=[[Freedom Front Plus]] |votes12=2121 |votes12_2=1864 |seats12=0 |seats12_2=1 |totseats12=1
|party13=[[Cape Independence Party]] |votes13=1561 |votes13_2=1471 |seats13=0 |seats13_2=0 |totseats13=0
|party14=[[Community Coalition]] |votes14=1715 |votes14_2=1271 |seats14=0 |seats14_2=0 |totseats14=0
|party15=[[Inkatha Freedom Party]] |votes15=1888 |votes15_2=1031 |seats15=0 |seats15_2=0 |totseats15=0
|party16=[[National Independant Civic Organisation]] |votes16=1844 |votes16_2=1048 |seats16=0 |seats16_2=0 |totseats16=0
|party17=[[Democrats for Change]] |votes17=942 |votes17_2=1637 |seats17=0 |seats17_2=0 |totseats17=0
|party18=[[African People's Convention]] |votes18=787 |votes18_2=1513 |seats18=0 |seats18_2=0 |totseats18=0
|party19=[[National People's Party (South Africa)|National People's Party]] |votes19=1221 |votes19_2=707 |seats19=0 |seats19_2=0 |totseats19=0
|party20=[[Universal Party (South Africa)|Universal Party]] |votes20=1078 |votes20_2=650 |seats20=0 |seats20_2=0 |totseats20=0
|party21=[[National Alliance for Democracy]] |votes21=1008 |votes21_2=629 |seats21=0 |seats21_2=0 |totseats21=0
|party22=[[South African Progressive Civic Organisation]] |votes22=825 |votes22_2=724 |seats22=0 |seats22_2=0 |totseats22=0
|party23=[[National Freedom Party]] |votes23=694 |votes23_2=765 |seats23=0 |seats23_2=0 |totseats23=0
|party24=[[United Christian Democratic Party]] |votes24=22 |votes24_2=845 |seats24=0 |seats24_2=0 |totseats24=0
|party25=[[Western Cape Community]] |votes25=291 |votes25_2=574 |seats25=0 |seats25_2=0 |totseats25=0
|party26=[[United Independent Front]] |votes26=417 |votes26_2=436 |seats26=0 |seats26_2=0 |totseats26=0
|party27=[[Azanian People's Organisation]] |votes27=322 |votes27_2=405 |seats27=0 |seats27_2=0 |totseats27=0
|party28=[[Universal Civics of South Africa]] |votes28=423 |votes28_2=166 |seats28=0 |seats28_2=0 |totseats28=0
|party29=[[African Bond of Unity]] |votes29=232 |votes29_2=275 |seats29=0 |seats29_2=0 |totseats29=0
|party30=[[United Majority Front]] |votes30=301 |votes30_2=124 |seats30=0 |seats30_2=0 |totseats30=0
|party31=[[Pan Africanist Movement]] |votes31=132 |votes31_2=265 |seats31=0 |seats31_2=0 |totseats31=0
|party32=[[Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party]] |votes32=230 |votes32_2=165 |seats32=0 |seats32_2=0 |totseats32=0
|party33=[[Social Democratic Party]] |votes33=93 |votes33_2=167 |seats33=0 |seats33_2=0 |totseats33=0
|party34=[[Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa]] |votes34= |votes34_2=151 |seats34= |seats34_2=0 |totseats34=0
|invalid=11518 |invalid2=8998
|electorate=1745853 |electorate2=1745853

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