Election Result Table for LGE2006 — City of Cape Town

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{{Election results
|firstround=Ward |secondround=List
|party1=[[Democratic Alliance (South Africa)|Democratic Alliance]] |votes1=303299 |votes1_2=306246 |seats1=61 |seats1_2=29 |totseats1=90
|party2=[[African National Congress]] |votes2=271873 |votes2_2=280232 |seats2=41 |seats2_2=40 |totseats2=81
|party3=[[Independent Democrats]] |votes3=76711 |votes3_2=79839 |seats3=3 |seats3_2=20 |totseats3=23
|party4=[[African Christian Democratic Party]] |votes4=24145 |votes4_2=22757 |seats4=0 |seats4_2=7 |totseats4=7
|party5=[[Independent candidates]] |votes5=24151 |votes5_2= |seats5=0 |seats5_2= |totseats5=0
|party6=[[Africa Muslim Party]] |votes6=9567 |votes6_2=9749 |seats6=0 |seats6_2=3 |totseats6=3
|party7=[[United Democratic Movement]] |votes7=5081 |votes7_2=6869 |seats7=0 |seats7_2=2 |totseats7=2
|party8=[[Freedom Front Plus]] |votes8=3621 |votes8_2=3549 |seats8=0 |seats8_2=1 |totseats8=1
|party9=[[Pan Africanist Congress of Azania]] |votes9=2386 |votes9_2=4722 |seats9=0 |seats9_2=1 |totseats9=1
|party10=[[United Independent Front]] |votes10=1556 |votes10_2=1916 |seats10=0 |seats10_2=1 |totseats10=1
|party11=[[Universal Party (South Africa)|Universal Party]] |votes11=1337 |votes11_2=1009 |seats11=0 |seats11_2=1 |totseats11=1
|party12=[[Inkatha Freedom Party]] |votes12=1254 |votes12_2=981 |seats12=0 |seats12_2=0 |totseats12=0
|party13=[[Federation of Democrats (South Africa)|Federation of Democrats]] |votes13=1190 |votes13_2=946 |seats13=0 |seats13_2=0 |totseats13=0
|party14=[[Pro Ratepayers Party Pro Belastingbetalers Party]] |votes14=977 |votes14_2=942 |seats14=0 |seats14_2=0 |totseats14=0
|party15=[[Moderate Independent Party]] |votes15=934 |votes15_2=715 |seats15=0 |seats15_2=0 |totseats15=0
|party16=[[Peace and Justice Congress]] |votes16=734 |votes16_2=626 |seats16=0 |seats16_2=0 |totseats16=0
|party17=[[United Party of South Africa]] |votes17=1276 |votes17_2= |seats17=0 |seats17_2= |totseats17=0
|party18=[[Pension Poverty Relief and Unemployment Front]] |votes18=573 |votes18_2=683 |seats18=0 |seats18_2=0 |totseats18=0
|party19=[[Azanian People's Organisation]] |votes19=280 |votes19_2=642 |seats19=0 |seats19_2=0 |totseats19=0
|party20=[[Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party]] |votes20=432 |votes20_2=328 |seats20=0 |seats20_2=0 |totseats20=0
|party21=[[Progressive Independent Movement]] |votes21= |votes21_2=710 |seats21= |seats21_2=0 |totseats21=0
|party22=[[First Community Party of South Africa]] |votes22=199 |votes22_2=414 |seats22=0 |seats22_2=0 |totseats22=0
|party23=[[Alliance of Free Democrats]] |votes23=61 |votes23_2=541 |seats23=0 |seats23_2=0 |totseats23=0
|party24=[[Workers International Vanguard League]] |votes24= |votes24_2=297 |seats24= |seats24_2=0 |totseats24=0
|invalid=9102 |invalid2=15664
|electorate=1486781 |electorate2=1486781

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